About Us

Seed & Scarecrow Farm is owned and operated by business partners Krista Peyton and Eric Antolick who have been farming together since the Spring of 2017.  We have previously farmed with other great farmers in Nova Scotia including; Four Seasons Farm, Twisted Brook, Hope Seeds and Annapolis Seeds. Even with all our experience we still consider ourselves as new farmers with so much to learn.

Clementsvale, Nova Scotia

We are passionate about growing vegetables and fruits in an ecologically sensitive way. We never use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. We do use some row cover to protect crops from damage when necessary. Ultimately we believe healthy soils will grow healthy plants that are resilient to pest and disease as well as taste and store better in your fridge. We try to think about our farming practices in a holistic way considering many aspects such as; planting trees, protecting soil from erosion, creating shade belts and wind breaks for insect and animal habitat. Managing a farm is more than just planting seeds, we hope to be stewards of our land for years to come. We appreciate all the support we have received from our amazing customers, friends and family over the years that makes this all possible.


The Crew


Krista Peyton






IMGP5254 Eric Antolick





84237235_488209105224298_3585632629359116288_n‘The Girls’

Our small flock of 25 laying hens are valued members of the Seed & Scarecrow Farm team! Pasture raised, fed with certified organic feed and lots of homegrown veggies.  They are a happy group of gals (:



66401546_355013418525900_5560406008775311360_nBonsall & Alder

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