imgp5055Astro Arugula

A popular variety among market grows as well as back yard gardeners.  This dependable variety can tolerate very cold conditions while still performing well in the hotter months.  We grew it almost all year skipping only a couple plantings during July with the heat of the summer.  The variety has more lobed than serrated leaves and its flavour is mildly spicy with lots of flavour to add to your salad, sandwich or even lightly cooked.  Can be used well as a cut and come again crop, getting as many as 3 cuttings during the cooler months.


IMGP4600.JPGRainbow Tat Soi

When young this variety grows similar to regular tat soi with spoon shaped  leaves but elongate as it matures.  In cooler weather it has predominately purple leaves with pink stems as the weather warms up you will see a blend of green and purple.  It is great in salad mixes when cut small or let it grow to a full head and use it as a cooking green.  We use this in our salad mix all season long and seems to be one of the last greens to bolt in the summer heat.


redrussian.jpgRed Russian Kale

An heirloom garden green loved by many!  Like most kale this variety is very cold hardy and can be enjoyed mostly all year round.  It can be planted close together to harvest as a baby green for salads and spaced out to grow into a larger plant for smoothies, steaming and cooking into your favorite stir fry.  The leaves are green with ruffled edges and  purple veins and stem. We were able to over winter this seed crop outdoors with nature doing some of the selecting for us then we saved seed from the ones that over wintered the best.


Vates Kale

Vates is more of a compact kale that stays bushy rather than growing upright like some other varieties.  It works very well in salad mixes with its dark blue-green curly leaves.   The full size leaves have the classic green curly kale look.



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