Herbs and Flowers

img_0048**SOLD OUT**
Genovese Basil

This Italian heirloom basil is most commonly used to make pesto, sauces and flavouring your favourite pasta dishes.  These plants produce broad green leaves on plants reaching up to 2 feet.  To encourage the plant to be more bushy and produce more leaves pinch off tops as they begin to flower.  Start early and plant out after risk of frost for a continuous late summer harvest of aromatic, smooth green leaves.     100 + Seeds per pack



img_0182Black Beauty Poppy

Black Beauty is a definite eye catcher in the garden.  Their dark purple flowers stand out from across the garden with some flowers being cupped shaped while others are very frilly with multiple layers.  You will probably find some red off types in the seed, which we found added a nice contrast and mix in colour.  We found if you plant 20 + plants they will flower at different times over a period of almost a month in mid to late summer.  Plants are about 3 feet tall.  When the flower heads dry down at the end of summer you can collect seed or save the dry flower pods for a bouquet, wreath or fall center piece     200= Seeds per pack



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