Onions & Leeks

imgp5275**SOLD OUT**
Parade Green Onion

This is our go to green onion for market sales with reliable plants that produce tall straight dark green tops that don’t bulb.   We start out green onions indoors in February or March and plant them out in May.  They can tolerate lite frosts but also grow well in the heat of the summer.  We sow seeds in trays every three weeks then transplant out for a continues supply of green onions all season.  150 Seeds per Pack


imgp5220**SOLD OUT**
Tadorna Leek

We are very excited about this seed crop!  We found it had good growth in the first year with medium sized white stems and dark blue-green foliage.  What we liked most about this leek is how it held well into the late fall and winter.  With the majority of the plants surviving over winter we found they continued growing in early spring to produce larger and thicker leeks that the first year.  The benefit of over wintering well is you can have a fresh supply of leeks come spring without having to store them indoors all winter.  We heavily selected them for size and winter survival.  With our unpredictable winters we cannot guarantee they will over-winter but if any leek is to survive we believe it is this one. 200 seeds per pack

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