Peppers and Eggplant

DiamondDiamond Eggplant

We grew out this eggplant as it is said to produce well in shorter season climates.  We were definitely impressed with it’s earliness to produce fruit.  It seemed we were averaging 2 fruit per plant per week for at least 4 weeks then slowing down but still harvesting well into the fall.  The fruit are an elongated shape usually 6-8 inches long.  We grew this seed out in our unheated greenhouse but feel it would fair well outside as well.
We discovered our favorite way to enjoy eggplant is on the BBQ. The flavor on the BBQ is extraordinary and gave us a new love for this vegetable. 30 Seeds per pack




king of the northKing of The North Sweet Pepper

A medium to large sized red bell pepper that can also be eaten as a green pepper.  They have a fairly thick walls and tasted especially good roasted in the oven.  We grew it out in 2017 saving seed from the most productive and healthiest looking plants.   We felt like it needed some work before we offered it for sale so we grew it again in 2018.  We were very happy with the results the second time around.  Grown outdoors we were getting yields of at least 6 peppers with some plants producing as many as 10 or 11.  These peppers produced more and ripened almost as quickly as most of our other varieties grown in a tunnel.  We will be growing this pepper for years to come for our market customers.   25 Seeds per pack



Little Tangerine Bell Sweet Pepper
*New for 2020*

A super delicious and bright orange pepper. (Pictures cannot do it justice – this is a seriously bright orange pepper!) Compact plants produce loads of medium sized fruits.  Little Tangerine is classified as a ‘bell pepper’ but fruits develop in all kinds of shapes; some more pointy while others maintaining the classic block shape.  We found this variety from one of our favourite seed growers at ‘Wild Garden Seed’ and loved it so much we decided to save it and share it with you (: 25 seeds per pack.



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