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North Georgia Candy Roaster (C. Maxima)

This is one of our favourite squash here on the farm.  If you have room for these sprawling giants you will not be disappointed.  The plants produce 10lb+ banana shaped fruit that has super sweet flesh.  A nice thing about this squash is that it is very easy to clean and process. Once you get your knife through the skin the seed can easily be scooped out with a spoon and the squash cubed or sliced.  One of our customers said they store a squash in their fridge and slice off a couple inches at a time as they need it covering the open flesh with a bag till next time they want some.

The flesh is quite dry and sweet. We have used this squash in many forms; mashed with kale, creamy squash soup, we have even made pumpkin pie with it!  We found the squash mostly stored until late December with some not quite making it while others lasted into the New Year.     25 Seeds per pack



Butternut Early Remix (C. moschata) This squash has been selected for early
maturity to improve flavour and storability.  Expect your classic butternut shape with some variability. Fruits are on average 4-6lbs.  This is the breeding result from one of our favourite seed companies ‘Adaptive Seeds.’ ( Check them out! : https://www.adaptiveseeds.com/ )
25 seeds per pack




694-2Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin (C. Pepo)

An heirloom variety dating back to 1893 first introduced by Johnson and Stokes seed company.  There is a reason this variety has stuck around! With it’s beautiful netted skin and larger than average size for a pie pumpkin it has alot going for it.  Weighing in at 4-6 lbs these pumpkins work out great for making two pies.  We found the pumpkins’ flesh is not overly sweet but it’s texture is what makes it a great dessert pumpkin.  Once cooked and pureed it has a creamy and smooth texture.  Many seed companies say this is not a good storage squash but we found, if cured properly, we had many fruit last until early January.  If you grow a couple plants we are confident you can have pumpkin pie for the holidays (:      25 Seeds per pack


imgp4755Kogigu Winter Squash (C. Moschata)

A beautiful Japanese bred squash that starts green when harvested and ripens to an earthy orange.  With its  bumpy ribbed skin it is an eye catch on our market display or fits into an Autumn center piece or decoration.  The flesh, which is quite flavourful with nutty hints and quite moist. It is best roasted in the oven then scooped or peeled out of the skin, or sliced along its ribs prior to baking.  Works well sliced, mashed or used in your favorite squash soup recipe.  If you are looking for a squash that stores incredibly well and does not need to be processed or frozen to enjoy in February to March – this is a perfect choice.   25 Seeds per pack


IMGP5461.JPGUpper Ground Sweet Potato (C. Moschata)

Be prepared for some giant squash! With some weighing over 30lbs these have huge potential.  These plants did very well in the grow out producing the most squash of any varieties in 2018.  Not only did they produce a lot of fruit, the fruit were also huge!  We grew this out with hopes it would have the sweet potato flavour and texture the name suggested, but found no resemblance. Although the very moist flesh is still suitable for cooking a variety of ways as it worked out well roasted in the oven or cubed up and cooked into soup.  With a very high squash per plant ratio, we feel this could be a good squash to use as animal fodder as growing a handful of plants could yield upwards of 200 lbs.  With their unique shape and size they would also make a nice ornamental for your doorstep or porch.     25 Seeds per pack


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