This mid-size slicer should fill the need for many home gardeners looking for a fresh eating tomato.  We have also found it is productive enough for market growers like ourselves.  Each year we plant Moskvich and it is the first slicing tomato to ripen.  Although it would be classified as a semi-determinate variety we find it bears for at least 4 weeks.  Perfect size for slicing on sandwiches but also versatile enough you can put it in salads and even make sauce with it.  We will definitely be growing this one for our market customers for years to come.     30 Seeds per pack



We grew this out hoping to find a reliable orange slicing tomato and we were not disappointed.  With the late spring in 2018 we held off on planting our tomatoes and peppers out in the field with this variety being the last to go in the ground.  Therefore we had to wait a bit longer for it to produce and ripen fruit but when it did – it really did!  The plants had many clusters of 3 to 4 fruit on each with the fruit being 3-4 inches across.  When you cut these open they look like you just sliced in to an orange.  Their flavour is somewhat fruity but we did not find them overly sweet.  With the productivity, flavour and colour of this slicer we plan to grow this in our high tunnel every year for our market customers.     30 Seeds per pack


sanmarzanoSan Marzano Paste
This is the famous Italian Heirloom Tomato.  Ideal for making sauces or canning.  We were surprised how dry the fruits are inside.  As with most paste tomatoes this is a determinate that ripens later in the season.   The plants produce a cascade of fruit spiraling up the plant with fruit that are about 3 – 4 inches in length.  If you are looking to make a big pot of sauce for canning this season, this is the right tomato for you!      30 Seeds per pack



41931811_478104602686185_2156433341937614848_nAmish Paste

This is a larger paste tomato that is not quite as dry as San Marzano but has very few seeds.  Larger tomatoes and less seeds can mean less processing when it comes time to making your sauce.  Amish paste would also be more versatile as a slicer or salad tomato.  Indeterminate variety that will require some staking or trellising but your efforts will pay off with heavy yields that go late into the season. 🙂    30 Seeds per pack





italia2Italia Paste

Sweet and dry 2-3″ red fruits that are awesome for canned tomatoes but are also delicious eaten fresh and the best for dehydrating.  Every year we like to add a few jars of dehydrated tomatoes to our preserve shelf for nachos, pizza and omelettes throughout the winter and Italia is our top pick!  Fruits dry down quickly because of their small size and low moisture content.
These indeterminate plants will produce an abundance of fruit in beautiful clusters.  Requires some staking but grows well outdoors.     30 seeds per pack



acadian cherry1Acadian Cherry

These compact bush plants are great for planters, patios or small gardens.  With no trellising, staking  or pruning required these are a low maintenance variety.  They produce loads of sweet red fruit, up to ¾” in diameter.   Although they are called Acadian cherry we are still trying to track down more historical information about their origins.     30 seeds per pack




Black Cherry
**New for 2020**

These medium to large cherry tomatoes are both
eye catching and delicious!  They are a dark red/purple colour and produce an abundance of fruit.  Tall vines prefer staking.  30 seeds per pack


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